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For Dazed Digital
The 10 Best Nail Looks on Film Throughout History (Dazed Beauty)
The IG documenting the most absurd and obscure vintage clothing labels (Dazed Fashion)
Why 90s films were obsessed with the Angel of Death
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For Hello Giggles
How playing The Sims helps me manage my anxiety disorder

For Girls on Tops
The Labour of Love: Made in Dagenham, Silvia Federici, and the on-screen Working Woman

For Reel Honey
The Wolf and the Lamb: On Romance, Transformation, and the Moon in Moonstruck
Waking the Witch: The Magic of Harnessing Feminine Power in The Craft

For Ravishly
Netflix’s Queer Eye Reboot Is Redefining Masculinity
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For Much Ado About Cinema
In the Mood for Love: A Lesson in Longing

For Screen Queens
Playground Love: On the Everlasting Enigma of The Virgin Suicides

For gal-dem magazine
Poverty Porn: Post-Colonialist Attitudes in White Entertainment
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For Into the Fold magazine
Hexing the Patriarchy: What Millennial Witchcraft Means for Feminism

For The Opal Club
Swapping the Scalpel for the Pen: Navigating My Way Through Anxiety at University

For Her Campus KCL
‘Tis the Season to Self-Care
Glitter and Gloss: 13 Makeup Looks to Try This Christmas
The French-Inspired ‘Cool Girl’ Fashion Brands We’re All In Love With
The Best Hot Chocolates in London
How to Curb Your Insomnia
Should I Get a Job at University? Pros and Cons
The Best Halloween Films for Your Inner Witch 
Looking After Yourself at Uni: The best French Beauty Products at Your Local Pharmacy
Glossier: The New York Brand Taking the Beauty World by Storm
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